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Talented Programmer Needed

Our Moscow office is looking for a talented, ambitious, self-directed developer who will guide the fundamental development of the FilmLanguage, which we believe will change the way people produce animation and visualize creative ideas globally:

- Specialist should have extensive programming experience and should be excited and challenged by the opportunity to build a remarkable new technology from the ground-up.

- Very organized and can manage large-scale complex projects and build a roles-based, community architecture.

- Extremely competent coder who’s comfortable in multiple languages, frameworks, and environments.

- Intensely hard-working, proactive, and self-motivated individual that thrives on risk and uncertainty and looks forward to working with A-players.


• Deep knowledge of C++. Practical experience 3+ years.
• Experience with game engines and 3D graphics.
• Good teamwork and communication skills.
• Experience with version control systems, bug trackers, and continuous integration systems.
• Intermediate English level (tech documentation, e-mail communication)
• Good problem solving skills


• Knowledge of С#
• Experience with Unity 3D
• Experience in multi-threaded development
• Experience in client-server development
• WinForms, WPF

Candiate will be hired under Russian law and should be eligible for employment.

Please send your resumes to: jobs@filmlanguage.ru


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