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Gigaom: Innovation, made in Russia

Gigaom article by Janko Roettgers: Here’s a trend to watch: Innovation, made in Russia.

The last pitch I got was from Bazelevs Innovation, and it was also the most original idea: Bazelevs has built a technology called FilmLanguage that can turn text input into 3-D animation. It was initially built to visualize ideas during the production process of a movie, but the company quickly realized this could be used in a whole range of settings.

What if you sent someone a text message, and the recipient’s phone would turn it into a small animated clip? Or how about helping lawyers and insurances visualize accidents based on witness reports? Bazelevs Innovations Business Development VP Sergei V. Kuzmin told me the company is especially targeting the U.S. for this kind of forensics visualization. “We don’t have the liability industry,” he joked.

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